I made this my Junior year of High School (2022) and I’m in the graduate class of 2023. I decided to make my music video so the lyrics reflect the visuals because the footage had many oppotunities to be able to do that. I think it went well to have those match up because it appeals more to the eye.

Parts of it I’m proudest of are when I used transitions to connect clips so it wasn’t choppy since it wasn’t going to be on the beat of the song; but because transitions take a little bit of time from the clips, it made it on beat (2:00, 2:32, 2:54). It made it look cool. I was generally messing around with things thinking, “I wonder what it would look like if I did xyz…”. It kind of fell into place.

Portions of this that were particularly challenging for me were extending transitions, like I did at the end (3:10). I learned how to use them by double-clicking (I believe…) and the close editor showed up, I made the fade transition stretch out throughout the clip. If I remember correctly, I copied and pasted the same clip to make longer, then changed the time of the transition to fit. At first it seemed hard to understand, but the more I tinkered at it, it worked out okay. I always remembered that control+z is my friend, just in case.

If I could do the project again, I would shorten the clips I would want to include and add more clips with every drumbeat. I think some of the clips I had in this project were longer than others (1:02), which became boring compared to the mixture of mostly shorter ones. I would strive for consistency in the length of clips to keep the viewer watching. I’d probably do everything else the same.


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