This is a project I made in my Multimedia Apps class, we got to make any video we wanted, granted that it serves some purpose. Filming this was a bunch of fun, despite getting absolutely full and kind of dehydrated.

I filmed about a third of this video on my camera, so that whirring sound in some parts (the first couple takeaways) is the auto-focus adjustment. At the beginning I was incredibly excited to start filming, so I collected a lot of useless driving footage which drained my camera battery quickly and I didn’t have a spare battery. The other two thirds were filmed using my phone which seemed to work better, despite a lower quality of frames.

Disclaimer: Our ranking of the ice creams and the businesses they came from doesn’t make those businesses worse. This video is our evaluations and opinions on the craziest flavor, which was hard to do and rank them- they were all wonderful ice cream.

Side note: there is an error in the order of what the video shows vs. the order we went to each business. For the order of our outing, eCreamery (and Amsterdam) and Coneflower should be switched- eCreamery third and Coneflower fourth. For some reason when I was editing I accidentally convinced myself of a different order.

Song credit: On Our Way by MercyMe feat. Sam Wesley

Will we survive the massive sugar high of going to five ice cream places in one day?

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