Glad Tidings Bible Camp has positively impacted my life in my walk with Christ. My brother and I have been attending each year since 2016; I was eleven then. For the Senior High age group, grades 9-12, a talent show was hosted on the last night of camp called The Gladys. Campers are encouraged to present their talents, like singing a song, playing an instrument, sharing poetry, performing a skit, and more! After all of it, we write down our individual top three pieces for winning the three awards.

My brother and I are big fans of Rhett and Link’s silly songs ranging from “It’s My Belly Button”, to “Christmas Face”, to “Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time”. We had a lot of them memorized and would break out in song when an opportunity occurred. So, he and I made a Christian parody turning “Rub Some Bacon On It” into “Put Some Jesus On It”. We sang and kind of performed it at The Gladys; it was a lot of fun to make, with lots of camp jokes and references to it. We won Honorable Mention, which was surprising and a great memory made as this year was my brother’s last year as a camper. 

Glass award inside its case and its lid on the left.

I couldn’t find the physical award from 2021, so I figured a picture from a 2022 award would make do just fine.

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