I greatly enjoy writing poetry, although I am a terrible procrastinator; those qualities don’t mix well. Focusing on the poetry part, I wrote a poem called “For Unsure Careers” about how upperclassmen face several challenges and uncertainties after graduating high school. It’s crazy how much pressure I felt that I’m supposed to have everything figured out, the perfect college, the perfect major, degree, career, and life just at eighteen years old. The reality is that nothing is perfect in this broken world, so don’t worry; God’s got your back and His plans for your life are far greater than any plan you can work out.

I shared this poem at The Gladys and it hit home for quite a few of the others my age. I was so excited to win Honorable Mention, not for the fancy award, but because my poetry was relatable; It also proved how teenagers are doubtful about their futures and don’t need extra stress about life after high school.

Glass award inside its case and its lid on the left.

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