Now that I’m finished with my website about nature and creatures, I wanted to write a little advice for future Multimedia Application students, or for anyone who is thinking about making a website (specifically on WordPress).

Speaking from experience here,

  1. I wish I would’ve spent more time planning out my site with an outline and a hierarchy- I was disorganized and wasted time changing my mind on my menu a lot, which led to less time to complete pages and posts.
  2. Stick to the basics of making a good website, using the rubric along the way. Don’t learn fancy stuff UNLESS you got the majority of your site done already and you have extra time at the end- otherwise you’re likely doomed to waste your time while attempting to do something fancy, not achieve it, and still have lots of pages and posts to do.
  3. WordPress updates somewhat frequently, so sometimes that’ll change a few things on how your website looks or how to find things- but don’t worry, there’s usually more than one way to find or do something. 
  4. You’re going to hear this a lot- that’s because it’s important – please please please don’t procrastinate on this. Spend time on it outside of class. Work ahead. Make a plan, stay organized (make a to-do list). This WILL help you save time, energy, and prevent you from being stressed out at the end- due dates are closer than they appear (it will come fast before you only have 3, or 2, or 1 week left before it’s due!).

Hope yours turns out well!

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