While I was a new driver, one of the couple of times I was picking up my friend to hang out, we were talking about my driving. She trusted me to be a good driver, even though I expressed my uneasiness due to having a lack of experience. She understood and reassured me that with time that anxiety will go away and that always being safe is important as well. One of us came up with the slogan “safety is swag”; it was probably her because she always called things that were cool “swag”, but it rubbed off on me too. Then, we came up with this idea of a sketch to promote safety, in general, but mainly amongst teenagers who drive.

This was fun to produce and it seems a little silly, but in all seriousness, stay safe driving and in all things. Don’t do stupid, it could cost you your life and others.

Music/song credit: Remember The Name (Instrumental) by Fort Miner.

Tupac video.

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